Things Ohio Teens need to know to get a License

What Teens Need to get an Ohio Driver's License

The process for your Temps

When you turn 15 years and 6 months you can take the knowledge test (written exam) for your Temps at a BMV office. You do not need any training or certification but you will need to pass the test. So you can either study the Ohio Driver Handbook or, what we suggest, is just go ahead and buy our Ohio 24 Hour Drivers Ed course. You need it anyway as it is a requirement of the state so you may as well kill two birds with one stone. At 15 years and 5 months you can sign up for the course so you will have a month to go over the material.

When taking your knowledge exam if you are a teenager there are two things you need to know. One is you need to bring your parent or guardian with you. They need to sign for you and can provide the proof of address (List of all the documents). You will also need to take a simple vision screening

What your documents must provide proof of

It is a little bit confusing because there are 2 steps to getting your Temps. First you go to the BMV and take the exam. You’ll need your parent or guardian with you and you need proof of: 

        1. Full Legal Name
        2. Date of Birth
        3. Social Security Number

If you pass your knowledge exam you then need to go to the deputy registrar license agency to purchase your Temps card (TIPIC). There you must provide the following:

        1. Full Legal name
        2. Date of Birth
        3. Legal Presence in the US
        4. Social security Number
        5. Ohio Street Address

Where do you go? 

The accepted documents that provide this proof

The most common documents that provide this proof are:

        1. US Birth Certificate
        2. Passport
        3. Consular Report of Birth Abroad
        4. Certificate of Citizenship
        5. Permanent Resident Card
        6. I-797 
        7. Social Security Card
        8. W-2
        9. 1099 form
The above documents take care of numbers 1 – 4 in the above required proof. For number 5 there is a whole list of possible documents to prove your street address. In short, any legal notice or letter from a state or state associated institution will work. Here is a link to the PDF from the state but here are some examples:
        1. Postcard from the BMV
        2. Tax Returns
        3. School transcripts
        4. Mortgage statement
        5. Vehicle registration or title
        6. Paycheck stub
        7. Utility bill